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Testbed PFAS - Remediation

This part of Testbed PFAS is dealing with the legacy of previous usage of PFAS.

Testbed PFAS - Remediation

In this part of Testbed PFAS we are focusing on finding ways to clean PFAS-polluted soil and water. This is a essential part of the research project, since PFAS is difficult to degrade and is also suspected to be harmful for the health of both humans and animals. To find effective purification techniques is urgent for both the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Fortifications Agency, as well as for the other problem owners.

Research to find purification techniques

The research to identify and evaluate relevant purification techniques is divided into different steps. The first step is for companies to report their interest and apply to the research project. Based on the received applications, an initial selection of remediation solutions is made. After that, these selected purification technologies are evaluated on a laboratory scale. This part includes tests with up to approximately 200 liters of water or 200 kilograms of soil. The quantity of water or soil to be used is adjusted to the specific remediation technique. The results of the laboratory tests are then utilized for making a final selection for large scale tests on PFAS-contaminated areas.

Advanced equipment is needed to evaluate the PFAS cleaning techniques.

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