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Sandra Mattsson


Tel +46 10 228 47 62


Location Mölndal

Unit Produktion och arbetsmiljö (513402)

ORCID 0000-0001-8694-4122

Sandras research is in the field of Human-Automation Interaction with focus on supporting operators in complex production. She presented her dissertation in 2018, titel "Towards increasing operator wellbeing and performance in complex assembly". Sandra is an Automation Engineer, has a bachelor in Psychology and her research focuses on operator cognition. The aim is to increase psycho-social health and understanding and to create attractive workplaces that gives good basis for interactions with higher levels of automation e.g. cobots.

- Pilot project Automation challenge in Robotlyftet (PILAR)
- edig (web editor)
- AI and psycho-social health at the workplace (AHA)

Sandra also works with course and method development within digitlization and has written a book together with Åsa Fast-Berglund called Smart automation,