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Assembly forum's vision, strategy, goals and organization

By simplifying the transfer of knowledge and stimulating research, the Assembly Forum will contribute to further developing Sweden's competitiveness in the field of assembly.


Swedish Assembly Forum develops Sweden's competitiveness with the help of:

  • Industrial networks
  • Research and development efforts

  • Collaboration with authorities and research funders


The vision is achieved by:

  • Stimulate knowledge transfer between companies operating in the same or different industries

  • Stimulate research and ensure that research results come to industrial advantage faster

  • Stimulate innovation capacity and idea development

  • Collaboration with Monteringsklustret and Logistikklustret

Operational goals

Swedish Assembly Forum shall implement:

  • An annual conference
  • Seminar / workshop with special theme, 1-2 / year
  • Joint projects, at least 1 / year

  • Study visits, at least 3 / year

  • Monitor current calls for research funding and inform members

  • Collaborate with trade show organizers in Sweden

  • Increase to 300 members and / or 80 companies


The Swedish Assembly Forum consists of a broad network and a council:

  • The network includes members from small, medium and large companies

  • The network is managed by the independent party RISE

  • The business is led by a council of people active in industry and research

Annika Nilsson

Contact person

Annika Nilsson


+46 70 780 60 89

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