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Nordic sensory workshop 2021 in Gothenburg

Dear participant, 

As a result of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, we see no other option but to postpone the 18th Nordic Sensory Workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden to next year. The new dates are 27-28 of April 2021. The venue will remain the same. 

All registrations will be valid for the new dates. If you like to cancel your registration, please send an e-mail to with your cancellation. 

We are truly sorry but are looking forward to see you in Gothenburg next year!

Organizing Committee of Nordic Sensory Workshop 


Theme: What is the Added Value of Sensory and Consumer science?


The aim of the workshop is to give specific attention on how we can communicate the added value that sensory and consumer sciences bring to industry and society. Building a strong bridge between research, industry and final user depends on how we communicate our findings. Storytelling of where and when sensory and consumer studies made a difference for research, product development, new foods acceptance, sustainable society, education, etc.

The workshop focuses mainly on food but other applications where the understanding of the senses plays a key role are also considered. Industry experts and scientists working with sensory and consumer science have the chance to meet and discuss challenges, learnings and possible directions for a better integration of scientific methods, product development and the final user.

Carina Gatzinsky


Carina Gatzinsky


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