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Meet our members in Normpack

Ann-Britt Nilseng, Billerud Korsnäs

Tell us about your business

We manufacture pulp, paper and cardboard, which some go to food contact purposes. Our products are sold to converters, as we do not have our own conversion or printing.

How has the membership in Normpack helped your business?

Normpack is a source for getting information and being able to influence via eg. referrals. Through membership, we can also work to synchronize information that comes from different organizations.

What has been your biggest knowledge gap when it comes to food contact materials?

For our own materials, we feel that we have sufficient competence. The membership has helped us to gain an understanding of the requirements for other materials, such as plastic.

What would you give for recommendations to other companies who want to take the next step when it comes to food contact materials?

Search information and learn about the requirements, there Normpack is a good source. Normpack also provides an opportunity, through networking and contacts, to gain an understanding of how other companies work and how customer companies, all the way to the retails, think about these issues.

How do you prepare for the upcoming supervision that the Swedish National Food Agency will introduce shortly?

We already have a regular extensive external audit of quality and food safety. We therefore feel quite confident that we will manage the upcoming supervision.