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About Normpack

Normpack works for safer food contact materials

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Normpack was founded in 1981 on initiative of the Swedish industry to give companies support to fulfil the legal requirements for Food Contact Materials. We are a member-driven organisation, which means that member companies are engaged in the business through annual meetings, the steering committee and the technical committee.

We currently have around 180 member companies from every part of the value chain - producers of raw materials, materials and products as well as the food industry and wholesale and retailers.

We issue Normpack certificates for products and materials, meaning that Normpack has reviewed the evaluation of the product/material and made sure that the evaluation is performed in accordance with the legal requirements. Currently there are about 450 active Normpack certified products/material, the certificates can be found in our certificate catalogue.

Our credibility and form as a member organization do that we have a good cooperation with the authorities. We are asked and submit frequently responses to government referrals and drafts. Furthermore, we participate in authorities reference groups.

Please contact us for any questions.