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NORMPACK - for safe food contact materials

Normpack's goal is that everyone should be able to trust that the material that comes into contact with food is safe and does not risk to damage our health. From the packaging in the store, to the equipment of the food manufacturer and the cutting board in your home.

As a company, it can be difficult to know which regulations and requirements apply to materials in contact with foodstuffs, especially when exporting / importing because the rules in different countries differ. Normpack helps our members to cope with all requirements - and thus increases the safety.

Normpack's system is based on self monitoring, where the member companies themselves are responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations. Normpack helps with education, guidance, updates and interpretation of the many regulations and requirements that exist, both in EU and Sweden.

Today, there are about 210 evaluated materials and products in our certificate catalog.

Thanks to our total of about 170 member companies, we are an channel for dialogue between industry and authorities within the area. We are also a part of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, and thus have great access to expertise in many different areas.