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ICE datacenter Big data analysis and machine learning

Subscribe to big data services on our platform. The range of what we offer extends from choosing to just use our Hadoop application HOPS, all the way to full service with tool experts, analysts and even the possibility to use the data we own and store ourselves. All of this, safely tucked away in our secure datacenter here in Luleå.

Example projects are

  • Get started on Hadoop development before deciding on implementation
  • Refinement of big data analysis using the HOPS platform
  • Sharing data between different projects on the same Hadoop cluster
  • Deep learning development on a GPU accelerated Hadoop cluster
  • Run an analytics project with many partner organizations involved

The platforms, tools and methods we provide are primarily a tailor-made data science platform, containing

  • HOPS – Hadoop as-a-service
  • Tensorflow-as-a-service
  • Streaming analytics-as-a-service
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Flink
  • Customized common development environment

More options can be provided upon request.



256 GB RAM, 16 TB Hard drives, 24 cores per server HOPS based on 32 servers 10/40 GBE internal networking Nvidia 1080 (Ti) GPUs Infiniband GPU networking