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ICE Connect

We've created the ICE Connect Service including the Experimental Compute Cloud (ECC), for rent of virtual machines (VMs) and bare-metal servers, and the Kubernetes Cluster, for rent of cpu, storage and gpu resources.

To serve our customers in an optimal way, we have created the ICE Connect service including an Experimental Compute Cloud and a Kubernetes Cluster. Here you can rent virtual machines (VMs), bare-metal servers, block storage and bare-metal servers with gpu cards, as well as cpu or gpu resources and then manage and alter them as you wish using your management account.

Billing is done at the end of each month for resources used. We support invoicing and soon credit card payments which you select during registration. Note that you can test the service for free for a month with limited resources. Just register for an account and choose to apply for a free month. You can turn the free account to a normal one if you want to unlock resources. Prices below are excl. VAT.

Type vCPUs RAM Disk Price
Tiny 1 1 GB 8 GB 0,15 SEK/hour
Small 2 2 GB 10 GB 0,30 SEK/hour
Medium 4 4 GB 16 GB 0,60 SEK/hour
Large 6 8 GB 24 GB 0,90 SEK/hour
Extra Large 8 16 GB 32 GB 1,20 SEK/hour
Huge 12 64 GB 90 GB 1,80 SEK/hour
Mega 24 128 GB 180 GB 3,60 SEK/hour
Type Core RAM Disk Price
Dell PowerEdge R430 12 32 GB 1 TB 2 SEK/hour
OpenCompute Windmill 32 144 GB 1 TB 3 SEK/hour
Dell PowerEdge R730 24 256 GB 16,6 TB 4 SEK/hour
Dell PowerEdge R730 GPU 24 256 GB 16,6 TB 5 SEK/hour
Supermicro GPU-Server 40 192 GB 1,48 TB 20 SEK/hour
Type Space Price
HDD Volyme 1 TiB 0,128 SEK/hour

Visit our ICE connect portal!

You are allowed to create one volume of size 1 TiB. If you need more, please let us now. See more on the ICE Connect shop!

If you have other requests regarding use of the ICE facilities for experiments or testing, please contact us at for more info.

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