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FIRE21 - Work packages

The work in FIRE21 is structured into work five packages.

Research in five work packages

The research within FIRE21 is divided into five work packages. On this page you can engage in further reading about our research work in each of the work packages.

The work packages of FIRE21

Work package Name Work package leader
1 Project Management Margaret McNamee, Lund University
2 Network-based decision-making in the FRS Gudveig Gjøsund, NTNU Social Research
3 Description of the risk landscape- today and tomorrow Frank Markert, DTU
4 Problem solving networks of tomorrow Tove Frykmer, Lund University
5 Dissemination Lotta Vylund, RISE

More about the work packages in FIRE21

You can read more about work package 2 here.
Here is more information about work package 3.
And, here is more information on work package 4.

Follow the research

You can find more information about the project FIRE21 here. 
We fill up with more information on an ongoing basis. And we will continuously publish interim results in the research.

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