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Energy efficient supermarkets

The project “Research on Energy Efficient Supermarkets for Practical Use” disseminates knowledge and research results so that it is useful in the work of making supermarkets more energy efficient and develop sustainable cooling in supermarkets. Research results show that supermarkets can reduce its energy use by up to 50 percent. The refrigerants in the systems pose challenges for sustainable development because they contribute greatly to the greenhouse effect. Maintaining food safety and quality also poses challenges.  

On this site we collect research in the form of reports, articles, webinars, checklists, and educational materials to utilize the knowledge available to those who work with energy efficient and sustainable supermarkets. Here we spread good examples of what you can do to reduce energy needs or reduce the impact on the climate. 

Are you a researcher and/ or have you developed sustainable solutions for grocery stores or professional kitchens? Feel free to spread your results by publishing a link to your documents. Contact us to get your link published.

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