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Test and demonstration – realize your ideas in additive manufacturing

Once your 3D-model have been fully defined and assessed, next phase involves physical realization of that design. Herein, the part is produced considering the various constrains to meet the form, fit and functional expectations. During manufacturing, data acquisition will also be made to enable a deeper analysis and insight to the successful production process or potentially what must be improved to ensure fulfilment of component requirements and an output with high-quality.

Depending on the requirements, in some cases it might be needed to further optimize and improve the printing strategy, requiring in-depth analysis of process parameters and a further development loop before taking the final step in producing a certain geometry that meets defined geometrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. A realization phase includes not only the printing, but also the post-operations such as machining, heat treatment and surface modifications.

Characterization is a must

Once a test object/component has been produced no matter for which discipline, characterization is a must to control the outcome with respect to mechanical, thermal, corrosion, microstructure, dimensional accuracy. Furthermore, analyses such as cleanness, biocompatibility, biological safety and function are relevant for medical devices.When analyzing and evaluating potential and strategic fit of a complete production processes all the different pre- print- and post-processes needs to be included. The Application Center for Additive Manufacturing offers support for each step in the process.


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