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Transition to additive manufacturing

Despite the many advantages with additive manufacturing, many companies remain hesitant about embracing the technology. Particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, where, in many cases, the resources can be limited and the prospect of investment daunting. This makes the decision of transitioning to additive manufacturing difficult.

In larger companies, the challenge may lie in creating an understanding of what the transition entails among various stakeholders, and in securing the commitment of the management and relevant parts of the organization. However, this is something that is highly important regardless of the company's size.

Gradual movement in 5 steps

Regardless of the driving force behind the transition, it is possible to have gradual movement towards incorporating the technology into existing processes, starting with:

  1. Raise awareness among your stakeholders (which can include management, departments within the company, and external actors) about what the transition to additive manufacturing entails.
  2. Focus on various business cases to demonstrate the benefits of the transition and how it can enhance your company's competitiveness.
  3. Invest in competence development for all functions involved in the process.
  4. Create internal success stories that showcase practical and business-oriented implementation.
  5. Build up small-scale manufacturing capacity internally or identify suitable suppliers.

However, such a transition means that additive manufacturing is no longer “just” a manufacturing strategy, but rather a company strategy. It would require building up the internal design capacity, production, operations, accounting, and customer support.

Customized guidance

The Application Center for Additive Manufacturing will support and guide your organization through this transition of adopting additive manufacturing, which will include feasibility analyses of your organization and evaluate how additive manufacturing could strengthen your organization's competitiveness.

Based on the analyses, various routes will be defined, and we will support your organization through the journey of adopting the technology.

Please contact us for more information and book a first meeting.

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