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Peter Algurén

Coach inom Cirkulär omställnig

Tel +46 72 159 20 20

E-post peter.alguren@ri.se

Ort Göteborg

Enhet Sustainable Business (104206)

Focus on implementation of circular business models, especially profitability in tight loops such as product as a service, sharing, subscription, leasing etc where most value is kept. Experience from circular business models in several industries like cars, clothes, furnitures, bikes, boats etc. We can only save the planet fast enough by combining real sustainability and good business (customer value and company profit). The good thing about circular economy is that it can do both if managed correctly. The companies who find their formula can expect new types of high quality revenue streams, customer loyalty, lower costs, new customer segments and a more responsible and innovative brand.

Former CEO Sunfleet Carsharing. Top 101 Sustainability influencer in Sweden 2018 (Aktuell Hållbarhet).