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Xin Wang


Tel +46 10 228 42 02

E-post xin.wang@ri.se

Ort Norrköping

Enhet Bio- och organisk elektronik (102104)

Xin Wang is a senior scientist at Rise, she got her Ph. D. on thin film physics in 1998. She has been working in Acreo since 1999, which is now part of Rise.

- She has extensive knowledge in different materials and their applications in microelectronics, e.g., metal, thin films, organic conducting polymers, and cellulose.

- She is very familiar with different processing techniques, like sputter deposition, spin coating, inkjet printing, dispensing, screen printing, etc.

- She has been working with and developing different electronic components, such as, diodes, electrochemical transistors, electrochromic displays, and supercapacitors.

- She has expertise on electrical and electrochemical measurement techniques. She has also hands on expertise on microstructure characterization.

- She has experience in process integration for electronic system.

- She is currently involved in different R&D projects, e.g, Digital cellulose center, 0-3D, SIOS, and smart textile based on cellulose nonwoven.

- She has published more than 20 peer reviewed scientific papers