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Sarunas Petronis


Tel +46 70 375 58 66

E-post sarunas.petronis@ri.se

Ort Borås

Enhet Medicinteknisk utvärdering (103405)

ORCID 0000-0003-4592-5851

Areas of expertise:
Biomaterials, SEM imaging of biointerfaces, tissues, bacteria and biofilms; medical device cleanliness and particle release evaluation, surface roughness and wettability measurements;
Surface modification by thin-film coatings, electropolishing, photolithography, colloidal lithography, micro-/nano-patterning;
Surface characterization by water contact angle and surface energy measurements; profilometry; SEM-EDS/EDX; optical-, fluorescence- and electron-microscopy; digital image analysis;
Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.