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Petter Wannerberg

Research Engineer

Tel +46 10 228 42 59

E-post petter.wannerberg@ri.se

Ort Västerås

Enhet Användarcentrerad digitalisering (102201)

Petter is a XR developer focused on bringing VR to life within Swedish industry. He is a social and creative mind and works closely with programmers to create all kinds of XR experiences; like training and simulations that you as a user can learn from in a fun, interactive and gamified way.

Currently; the research Petter is working on is focused on making the XR pipeline more affordable and accessible for production industry. He does this by mapping current and next gen solutions for laser scanning, photogrammetry and CAD conversion and how to bring this type of 3D content into game engines such as Unreal and Unity.

Petter's dream project is to create a school completely based on virtual reality. Where a young kid can put on a pair of HMD:s (VR glasses) and be transported to an immersive world with a complete curriculum of interactive and gamified exercises that makes learning as fun as exploring a fantastic halliday destination.

Petter always wants to work with anyone who can make the vision of a truly virtual future a reality. Interesting people include anyone who writes code, do 3D modelling and engineering, work with sound, or is ready to work hard to learn those skills and have the drive to never stop at "good enough".

Fluent in: Modo 3D, Unity, xNormal, Quixel, Photoshop, illustrator and people.
Not so fluent in: C#, Unreal, CAD, papers and numbers.