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Markus Borg

Senior Researcher

E-post markus.borg@ri.se

Ort Lund

Enhet Människa-autonomi (102303)

ORCID 0000-0001-7879-4371

Dr. Markus Borg is a senior researcher with the Humanized Autonomy unit at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and an adjunct senior lecturer at Lund University. He is also a board member of Swedsoft.

The goal of my research is to support successful engineering of software-intensive systems. My main contributions deal with tapping into the collected wisdom of historical project data to facilitate machine learning for actionable decision support in defect management, for example bug assignment and change impact analysis. Currently, I’m in a transition from “machine learning for software engineering” to “software engineering for machine learning” – I want to evolve software engineering practices to match the needs when developing the data-driven systems of the future.

Web page: http://mrksbrg.com