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Open house

RISE Computer Science & AI open house

Welcome to RISE Computer Science & AI open house on 10 May! We will be showcasing cutting edge research, results, and initiatives in AI, Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, IoT, Data Centers and more, together with partners in industry and the public sector.


8.30-9.30 4x15 mins, one track session

Introduction and invited keynotes on the next steps in industrial AI and data-driven innovation by technology leaders:

  • Introduction, Hanifeh Khayyeri & Sverker Janson
  • Ali Ghodsi (CEO Databricks)
  • Jim Dowling (CEO Hopsworks)
  • Staffan Truvé (CTO Recorded Future)

9.30-11.00 one track session

Talks on key areas by RISE and partners.

  • Language Models for NLP – Is Bigger Always Better? - Joakim Nivre
  • Deep learning for real problems in the face of limited training data - Olof Mogren
  • Are we ready for the next cyberattack? - Shahid Raza
  • Why do we need data centers when we have the cloud? - Tor Björn Minde
  • Supporting SMEs in the Swedish and EU AI ecosystem? - Jeanette Nilsson
  • Is your multi-cloud strategy ready for the quantum age? - Martin Körling
  • Moving beyond prediction - Sepideh Pashami
  • The battery-free Internet of Things - Carlos Penichet
  • Digital Earth Sweden, data-driven innovation on satellite data -Tobias Edman, the Swedish National Space Agency
  • Innovate for the new era of sustainable large-scale cloud, enterprise and edge digital infrastructures - Piotr Kowalski, Vertive
  • AI by design, a business priority - Erik Sanders, Ericsson
  • Partner program - Cecilia Hyrén


Demos & posters session, where you can interact with 50+ experts on state-of-the-art technology topics.

List of poster sessions

(To access links and explore our 77 poster sessions visit the website or look through attached program below.)

AI@Edge – AI for network automation

Jamming Detection with JamSense

Data trace generation with Multi-Trace


The Digital Futures Drone Arena

Securing IoT Systems through Stateful Fuzz Testing

Improved crypto and PKI support for Contiki-NG

AutoPKI: automated and scalable transfer of trust

Designing Touch Interaction

Digital twin Kista (demo)

Radio Fingerprinting for IoT intrusion detection

Data programming and Streaming

Graph ML Databases

Serverless computing on the edge

Privacy-Preserving Computing

Too slow and too expensive? Tools for software development

Cloud platforms/infrastructure, where are you running your AI, HPC, Quantum?

Resource-efficient machine learning

Automating air traffic control

Multilingual Image Search with M-CLIP

Big Data Analytics and AI for a Smarter Society

Towards biologically inspired meta-learning

Jointly Learnable Self-Supervised Graph Representation Learning

Decentralized Graph Neural Networks

Explicit Spectral Graph Neural Network

Representation Learning on Heterogeneous Information Networks (HINs)

MiniZinc for Problem Solving

Rallying around AI – RISE Center for Applied AI

Reinforcement Learning for radio resource management

Complex AI systems - The value of hybrids of AI techniques

Causal aware machine learning

Natural Language Reasoning (NLR)

IRRA Intent recognition for autonomous vehicles

Effects of hard and soft digital infrastructure: from modelling to visualization

Health effects among 5-year survivors of childhood cancer in Southern Sweden

Privacy preservation by FHE enables data sharing in digital health management

Swedish AI Society annual workshop June 13-14 – hosted by RISE

Machine Learning for Causal Inference in Observational Studies

Learning Causal Predictors

Training Transformers for Molecular Property Prediction Using Reaction Predictio

Water flow intensity based on physical characteristics of catchment area

AI for drug influence detection using recorded eye scans

Semi-supervised few-shot learning for sound event detection

AI to learn about porcelain

Teaching a computer about beauty for image-based recommendations

Machine learning and acoustic monitoring for wildlife conservation

Distributed machine learning

Resource-Efficient Multlingual NLP

Cross-lingual transfer of monolingual models

Semantic textual similarity for causality detection

Reducing hazardous chemicals in society with AI and patent data

ICE Test & Demo Datacenter

WeDistrict : Fuel cells and excess heat from datacenters put to use

E2P2 – Eco Edge Prime Power

Powering the edge

Environmental impact of data centres

Data center excess heat reuse, a matter of enhanced food self-sufficiency

Homomorphic encryption for CPS

Thermal energy storage for data centers:

Empowering a Pan-European Network to Counter Hybrid-Threats

Security Roadmap Towards 6G Systems

End-To-End Secure Group Communication for the IoT

Innovation node in cybersecurity - Cybernode.se

Intrusion detection in cloud containers

Key Update for OSCORE (KUDOS)

Vulnerability Analysis for Establishing More Secure Systems

Securing the Next Generation of Industrial Control Systems

Federated Learning for IoT Security

Formal verification of communication protocol

Cyber Range training and education

Trusted Execution Environments for Resource-constrained IoT

5G Edge Testbed

Digital Earth Sweden

Data-science for Earth Observation (EO) Data

AI-Ecosystems – ENCCS

colonyOS – a meta operating system

Edge Computing, service continuity

Tuesday May 110 2022 08.30-13.00 CET. Please register using link below
10 maj 2022
10 maj 2022

Free of charge

Sverker Janson


Sverker Janson


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