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Darius Jakonis


Tel +46 76 115 88 52

E-post darius.jakonis@ri.se

Ort Norrköping

Enhet Sensorsystem (102102)

ORCID 0000-0003-3894-4237

Darius works with technical development and project management at RISE (former Acreo AB). He has been involved in electronics hardware design, innovation and implementation of sensor systems. One of his specialties is design of integrated circuits/ASICs for IR, thermal, pressure and MEMS gyro sensors. Darius has contributed with low power integrated circuits for radio transceiver and automotive radar.

Another of his specialties is embedded/integrated systems, where customer applications are realized by discrete-component analog front-end and digital signal processing. Both microcontrollers and compact single-board computers are utilized for this purpose. Some of the completed projects include systems for traffic safety, driver electronics for optical and acoustic communication.

Energy harvesting and RFID system implementation are one of his latest topics. He is experienced in electronic design tools for simulating circuits, implementing schematic and layout both at integrated circuit and printed circuit board level.

Darius holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Linköping University and Master of Science in Physics and Electronics from Vilnius University. His dissertation proposes high-speed circuits for programmable radio front-end (software defined radio) and licentiate thesis investigates architecture level optimization. Darius early work experience includes a position of telecommunication engineer at State Radio Frequency Service in Lithuania.