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Institute-employed doctoral student in physics

The National Metrology Institute at RISE is looking for a committed and talented PhD student to be affiliated with the Division of Atomic Physics at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University.

About the position
The Division of Atomic Physics at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University, Sweden has a staff of over 50 researchers. The research at the division is mainly focused on lasers and optics, and with several topics, ranges from spectroscopy to quantum information. More information can be found at

This announced position will be linked to the quantum information group, which has a strong activity on quantum information and quantum optics using rare-earth-ion-doped crystals.

As a country, Sweden offers one of the best conditions in the world for Ph.D. students, including a yearly salary of about €34000 and a strong social security net.

Subject descriptions: Applications of unique slow light materials
Under special circumstances the speed of light can be slowed down dramatically. In rare-earth-ion doped crystals, the crystal acts as a natural trap for the rare-earth dopant ions. These crystals offer a unique solid state system, where light can be slowed down more than a factor 100 000. In this project, applications of these slow light materials will be explored. Recently we have demonstrated that slow light effects in Fabry-Pérot cavities made of rare-earth-ion-doped crystal materials can decrease cavity mode spacing and line widths by 3-5 orders of magnitude. Furthermore, we have shown that in such cavities the effect of length fluctuations on the cavity resonance frequency is decreased by 3-5 orders of magnitude compared to a conventional vacuum cavity of the same length. In this project the main aim is to investigate the potential of these results to improve the stability of lasers beyond what is currently possible.

Entry requirements
A formal requirement for being accepted to doctoral studies in physics is:

  • a degree on advanced level within a related field, such as a Master's degree in physics or equivalent,
  • or substantial advanced courses at the Master level, or comparable, including an independent research project

Basis of assessment
Selection to doctoral studies is based on the expected ability to perform well in the studies, in particular:

  1. Knowledge and skills relevant to doctoral studies within the research area, such as a broad and thorough experience in e.g. physics, optics, spectroscopy and lasers.
  2. Skills in programming (MATLAB, Labview, etc.)
  3. Ability to work independently and the ability to formulate and solve scientific questions.
  4. Skills in written and oral communication. Excellent skill in English is a mandatory, and Swedish is a considered a merit.
  5. Other relevant experience, such as professional experience.
  6. Ability for cooperation, drive, creativity and to structure your work is considered as positive personal attributes.
  7. Previous experience of working in optical laboratories. Answer to the assessment question below.

Assessment question:

  • A laser beam with wavelength of 589 nm is focused with a lens into a glass plate made of BK7 glass. What is the frequency and wavelength of the beam at the focal spot – Write your answers in the cover letter, together with a brief explanation.

Terms of employment
You will be employed by RISE, but the bulk of the PhD work will be carried out in the Lund Quantum Information Group (QIG). The position is expected to run over a period of 4 to 5 years. The work location for QIG is in Lund. The main part of the work will consist of scientific research within the main project.

Applications must contain a cover letter in which applicants describe themselves and their research interests, as well as in a non-generic way explains why they are interested in the present position. Contact details of at least two references, copies of grade certificates, and any other documents that the applicant wishes to refer to should also be submitted. In addition, the cover letter should address the assessment question described above in the section Basis of assessment.

For more information please contact Martin Zelan, Senior Scientist, RISE, +46 10 516 58 95, Lars Rippe, University Lecturer, LTH, +46 22 296 20 and Fredrik Hägglund, Vice President Measurement Technology, RISE, +46 10 516 53 38. The deadline for applications is August 15, 2020. Interviews may take place on an ongoing basis during the application period.

Doctoral student, PhD student, Physics, Laser, Quantum physics, Quantum information, Optics, RISE, Lund

About the position



Contract type

Temporary position longer than 6 months

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Research - e.g. Researchers/Postdoctors/PhD students

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Martin Zelan
+46 10 516 58 95

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