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Master Thesis: Plant proteins as alternatives to dairy products

The food industry is going through a paradigm shift towards sustainable products in the face of climate change. Despite dairy having a comparable climate impact as meat, dairy alternatives have received relatively little research attention.

Milk and dairy products are structurally very complex. Their unique physicochemical characteristics lead to their very varied and specific textures, which have long been a part of their attractiveness as an integrated component of our diet. The structural and mechanical aspects greatly contribute to texture perception.

There is a need to develop the physico-chemical and mechanical properties of plant based gels, and how to deliver the melting properties similar to cheese. In order to do this, in depth understanding of the interactions of the different ingredients is needed.

Thesis Content
This master thesis project focuses on how the different plant based components such as proteins interact to form gels. The main focus will be to determine the main interactions between components responsible for the gel (hydrophobic interactions, hydrogen and disulfide bonds) as a function of temperature (gel-formation and melting), other ingredients, enzymes, and how they can be modified to achieve attractive gel properties for plant based foods. RISE has a set of analysis equipment that can be of use in the project to measure texture, rheological properties, particle size, microstructure and zeta-potential.

Student Profile
Master of science student majoring in food chemistry, physical chemistry or similar subjects. Interested and skilled in laboratory work with an interest surface and protein chemistry.

Starting date
The thesis project will be performed at RISE’s unit Chemical, pharmaceuticals and Formulation situated close to KTH/Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The thesis is expected to start in late August or September 2022.

Welcome with you application!
If this sounds interesting, you can contact Karin Persson +46106166072 for more information. Selection will take place on an ongoing basis and last application day 20th of August 2022.


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Temporary position 3-6 months

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Student - Master Thesis/Internship

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Karin Persson

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