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Challenging, exciting, creative and with a clear mission to make the world a better place. RISE gathers economists and chemists, marine biologists and fire engineers. Would you like to join us?
We sincerely hope so!

Help us make the world better

RISE is an organisation with a passion for innovation. Our mission is to be an international innovation partner but how do we best live up to this requirement? One crucial factor is our employees; you can work for us in roles such as AI specialist, microbiologist, marine researcher, inspection engineer or project manager, to name but a few. As a student you can do your thesis here or apply for a doctoral position. Thanks to the scope of our organisation, our employees are drawn from almost every engineering study programme as well as psychology and behavioural sciences. The result? A broad palette of skills and individuals, working together to make a difference. Welcome to RISE.

Work at RISE – in every phase of life

Working for us should be both challenging and rewarding. We are proud of our success in recruiting so many talented individuals and we intend to continue doing so. Common denominators for all of our recruitments include diversity and flexibility; in order to be and remain a creative workplace, we give due consideration to you and your individual life situation. Your health and wellbeing are our number one priority. Are you are a recent graduate who is ready to take on a host of exciting challenges? If so, welcome to RISE. A few years down the road, perhaps it is time for you to start a family or for your children to begin nursery school? If so, welcome to RISE. Is it easier to work from home occasionally in the interests of working undisturbed? Digitalisation often provides fantastic opportunities and we can generally resolve most situations. In the final analysis, we want the same thing; to ensure that RISE remains a creative and competitive workplace in which everyone shares the desire to give their very best.

Develop at RISE

Very little gives us more pleasure than welcoming a new colleague to our organisation. The energy and inquisitiveness they bring with them are fantastic. However, we also want them to maintain this sense of curiosity, to want to achieve more and contribute to what we do so well here at RISE; to be the problem solver’s problem solver in the collaborations that make us so unique. This is why we always offer our employees the opportunity to develop their skills over the years. You career is in your own hands but we will engage in open dialogue to set specific and transparent goals for your future development. It should be easy for you to develop and feel challenged throughout your working life. And of course, this is what RISE is all about – meeting the future and the challenges it holds. 

Changing the world

We interviewed our CEO Pia Sandvik about RISE and what we're looking for in our employees. Enjoy!

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