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Work with thermosetting resin

Work on thermosets must only be carried out by persons who have undergone special training and have sufficient knowledge of risks and protective measures. With the right information and training in thermosetting plastics you should be able to work to reduce and preferably avoid work injuries due to these substances. The course deals with thermosetting resin and the requirements, risks and protective measures that are regulated in the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on AFS 2014: 43 Chemical working environment risks.


Knowledge is given about thermosetting resin and what applies to workers and employers. The course leads to the participants being approved to handle thermosetting plastics in industrial work. The course provides valid educational certificate for thermosetting plastic work according to legal requirements, AFS 2014: 43 Chemical working environment risks

People who directly or indirectly come into contact with varnish and glue, such as production personnel, supervisors, designers, manufacturers and suppliers.


½ day training with us or at your company 


Training certificate for thermosetting plastic work


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Work with thermosetting resin


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Aurélien Tricoire


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