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The Troëdsson library at RISE offers information services to customers and partners in the forest industry's value chains. We have unique information resources focusing on areas such as pulp and paper, printing surfaces, packaging, biorefinery, bio-based materials and bioenergy.


Many companies do not have an in-house library service today - therefore, the Troëdsson library is a strategic information resource. We offer an easily accessible literature and information service for the forest industry and related industries.

As a customer you get access to literature and library services without having to invest in a library function yourself. For example you get:

• systematic monitoring of technology areas, suppliers, competitors, etc

• cost-effective access to literature and technical-scientific information that is necessary to progress in research and development activities, or as a basis for decision-making

• patent information: mapping, trends or situations where one needs to know when a particular information became publicly available

• tools for finding solutions in the literature on problems in different production processes

• access to the reports database with results from 80 years of research.

Our information specialists have many years of experience of various assignments and the unique collection of relevant literature has been built up for a long time. We offer complete library service via e-mail, Internet or telephone. Visit by appointment - Drottning Kristinas väg 61, Stockholm.


Do-it-yourself: access to databases for your own literature searches and ordering of full text documents

Professional Information Services: experienced information specialists will help to effectively solve issues by using available electronic resources, library collections, and access to topic experts.


• Regular alerting service
• Written report from literature searches, with references and graphic presentations
• Photocopies and loans from own collections. Literature that is not available in own collection can be ordered from other libraries or directly from the publishers. We can also help with book purchases.

How to order a research report, a photocopy of a journal article or loan a book:

The first option is to find the reference in our databases and use the order function directly from the database. The second option is to e-mail your order to When we receive your order the requested items will be sent without delay. If a requested publication is not available in our collections, we can order it from other libraries in our network. Due to copyright regulations electronic copies can be delivered only if RISE hold the copyright. Invoicing is done on a regular basis.

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Research and information services for the forest industry's value chains

Innovation area

Packaging, Material transition, Pulp and paper, Textile, Wood technology


Literature search, monitoring, patent surveys etc. - price on tender

  • Research reports - SEK 500 – 1,000
  • Loan from library collection - SEK 200
  • Phococopy request - SEK 250 


No preparation needed

Camilla Burman

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Camilla Burman


+46 10 228 45 08

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Gunnar Magnusson

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Gunnar Magnusson


+46 10 228 45 10

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