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Refrigeration- and heat pump technology is necessary for health and environment

Increased environmental awareness and changes in behaviour put the demand on the development, production and display for new technology and design throughout the cold chain. Energy efficient technology creates values, improves indoor environment, food safety and the quality of the product.

The cold chain is valuable

Cooling technology plays a major part and impact on the global climate. Therefore, it is significant that the phasing out of refrigerants, due to regulations, is actually carried out. Many are forced to upgrade their refrigeration technologies. The phasing-out combined with changes in behaviours, high demands on technology and society increases the demand for developing, producing and demonstrating new technology throughout the entire cold chain.

There are high economic values in products that are transported to customers. Refrigeration installations are often costly investments. To ensure long term effects and safe operation, it is therefore important to dimension the facilities right and choose technical installations that are easy to operate and follow up.

We evaluate both components and systems

Understanding and having knowledge of the exchange of cooling and heating installations provides opportunities to achieve lower energy use. The recovery of heat also achieves more energy efficient refrigeration systems. There are many different measures that can add values for those that share and take care of the heat. By an early mapping and review of the situation, RISE can support and improve the companies in their development and implementation towards more energy efficient installations.

We meet challenges and increase competence

We collaborate with companies, municipalities, government agencies, industry and academia to meet challenges and increase purchasers’ competence together. RISE has long experience from conducting various types of development and demonstration projects to demonstrate and clarify energy efficient refrigeration technology for the benefit and knowledge of different stakeholders in the community's building, locally and globally.

Within RISE, we have several networks and cross-interdisciplinary projects where the purchaser themselves have been involved and prioritized the knowledge that needs to be developed. A large network that RISE has coordinated for several years has focused on food premises. BELIVS network collected over 90% of Sweden's grocery stores. Our expertise also shows that for well-functioning premises and properties, heating, cooling and air treatment installations must be equipped with collaborative control and monitoring systems.

RISE gathers expertise and experts in refrigeration technology. We have good knowledge of measurement methods both in the laboratory and on a larger scale under real conditions. RISE can produce results that can be helpful and support for the decisions at different stages, construction and dimension of refrigeration, control and monitoring systems, standardization and certification for both small and large products and systems.  Using our knowledge provide benefits for our global environment the real estate, traders, producers and those who run different business, service and installation companies.

More information

BELIVS was an initiative and started in 2011 and conducted up to 2018/2019 with funding from the Swedish Energy Agency and Industry. In a continued work at RISE, we are also working to ensure and increase purchaser and supplier competence for the entire value chain where there is a need for refrigeration technologies.

Access information and project results from Belivs (in Swedish) Energieffektiva livsmedelslokaler - Belivs | RISE

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