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Food Production Technology

With solid process engineering expertise, we work with design of resource-efficient food production lines. This expertise also includes the testbeds: Pilot Production of Food and Cleaning Innovation. Our most prominent competences are our ability to: by extrusion recombinate food Components; understand the complex interplay between equipment and food, and; our ability and capacity to design and produce prototype foods in enough quantity for further development.

Within this expertise we handle:

Food processing design

  • Flexible, scalable and modular manufacturing lines
  • Process intensification
  • Extrusion - Recombination of separated food components
  • Digitalization (Industry 4.0/Smart manufacturing)
  • Hygienic plant and processes

Technical Aspects on food processing resource efficiency

  • Energy and water
  • Processing time
  • Raw materials

Maintenance for safe food processing

  • Efficient process- and plant-cleaning (CIP and COP)
  • Benchmarking

Pilot food production

  • Bread
  • Meat product and Plant-based meat product
  • Dairy product and Plant-based dairy product
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables and general plant-based product
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Test & demo

Pilotproduktion av livsmedel

Nationellt unik anläggning genom kombinationen av personal och livsmedelsklassade lokaler med utrustning för tillverkning, produktutveckling inklusive produktions- och produktanalys.

Cleaning and disinfection

<p>Is it not as clean as it should? Which chemicals or materials are the best? How do you measure cleanliness? How can one resource optimise its cleaning process?</p>
Test & demo

Microwave and Infrared processing technology

Technology at the internationally leading edge, including tubular microwave processing (e.g. pasteurisation and sterilisation), combined microwave processing technologies, e.g. microwave baking, microwave-assisted drying, volume e…
Test & demo


Precision-controlled drying of different types of biomaterial using nationally unique technology. Used in R&D projects by SLU, members of Processum and external stakeholders.
Test & demo


Connected fields, self-driving electric farming machinery and advanced systems for data analysis shall contribute to a fossil-free, more sustainable and profitable agriculture. In close cooperation with our partners, RISE runs a t…
Test & demo

Superkritisk koldioxidextraktion

De olika förbehandlingsmöjligheterna inom testbädden och anläggningens storlek gör den unik på nationell nivå för grön extraktion av opolära ämnen till livsmedel (grön: utan organiska lösningsmedel).


Extrusion is an established process technology in the food industry. Extrusion is used to produce many different food products available on the market; snacks, breakfast cereals, pasta and vegetarian meat substitutes, and is also …