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Measuring and assessing biodiversity

Are five ants worth more than four elephants? Many people think biodiversity is important, but how important is it and how should it be measured? At RISE, we work to develop, evaluate and apply different methods to measure biodiversity to help companies and businesses see the impact of their actions and what can be improved.

At RISE, we can support you in your work with biodiversity in many different ways, depending on the type of partner you need.

Innovation partner

We help develop and implement new creative solutions that promote biodiversity. We work cross disciplinary and outside of the box to find the next frontier. Prototypes and proposals are demonstrated and tested together with stakeholders.

Examples of what we do as an innovation partner: We can help you develop decision-making and assessment tools, new service design, new business models, new technical solutions (e.g. with AI, digitalization) and new ways of working.

Business partner

We support companies and public actors in integrating biodiversity into governance and value-creating processes. What impact do different products and activities have on biodiversity and how can this be measured and followed up?

Examples of what we do as a business partner:  guide your company to use  Science Based Targets for Nature (SBT-N),  to perform ecological risk analysis  and life cycle analysis,  and to work with environmental goals and Agenda 2030 goals.

Research partner

We conduct research together with universities, colleges, institutes, companies and authorities to better understand how society can meet the challenges of biodiversity in different areas.

Examples of what we do as research partners: International and national research projects.

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Karin Morell


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Planning of solar farms that benefit biodiversity and ecosystem services

The Eco-Sun project will create guidance for development of solar farms with net-zero or -positive impact on biodiversity, farming and other ecosystem services in Sweden and the Nordics.

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Gröna täta tak, steg 3

Gröna tak utgör alternativa gröna ytor i staden som beroende på utformning kan bidra med en rad olika ekosystemtjänster, t.ex. ökad biologisk mångfald och spridningsvägar, temperatursänkning i samband med värmeböljor och dagvatten…

Virtuella stängsel för betesdjur

Virtuella stängsel har potential att underlätta och förenkla svensk betesdrift. På RISE pågår projekt där vi bland annat undersöker förutsättningarna för att få tekniken godkänd i Sverige, nötkreaturs förmåga att lära sig och att …

Sustainability work

All of our work shall be permeated by the need to develop future-proof solutions and support a positive impact on society. Our greatest contributions to sustainable development are made by offering knowledge and expertise for rese…

Business and innovation area: Sustainable cities and communities

In the business and innovation area Sustainable Cities and Communities, RISE has brought together expertise in areas such as construction engineering, energy systems, circular transformation, infrastructure, mobility, data driven …

Development of a unique food biodiversity database

In this project, we will build a database that quantifies the impact of different foods on biodiversity, much like an equivalent to the RISE climate database for foods.