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Vind 2019

In the middle of October, the largest annual wind power conference in Sweden - VIND2019 - is taking place in Stockholm. Several of RISE’s researchers will attend the “Forskarhörnan” of the event and speak about on-going research and opportunities in the industry.

Wind power is a growing industry both on- and offshore. In October, the largest annual wind power conference in Sweden – VIND 2019 - is organised in Stockholm. RISE will of course attend the event to discuss on-going research and opportunities. 

As a co-organiser of “Forskarhörnan”, several representatives from RISE will participate and discuss several topics, including technology and innovation, recycling and materials as well as electrical power and energy systems. We will also highlight offshore wind and the digitalisation of wind power. 

Tanja Tränkle from RISE will also moderate the big kick-off for ”Nästa generations Nordiska vindkraft till havs” together with Magnus Hall, CEO Vattenfall and Ulrik Stridbäck, VP Örstedt.

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Information about the event

Date: October 23-24

Time: Wednesday 23rd 8:00-19:00 (following dinner). Thursday 8:30-16:00

Place: Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

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