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Testbed for innovation in digitalisation, construction and housing

National small-scale test bed containing living lab for students. Equipped in winter 2016/17 with compact heating unit and solar cell wall of 40kvm. Projecting of living-roof is under discussion.

The Housing prototype is owned by Vinnova-financed ”Smart Housing Smaland”. Its a high-tech facility for the development of innovative solutions for digitizing, construction and housing.

    The test-bed is a fully furnished 2-piece volume-element that could house 2-4 persons. There is an unique opportunity to study one single element of what should form the base in a multi-family wood-based complex.  All possible conditions in construction and housing can be tested in this environment. Digitalization, circular economy and  all sustainable criterias can be addressed in this test bed.

     The test-bed provides a platform for all parties involved, such as wooden-house constructors, float-glass manufacturers, energy and universities / institutes.    


Testbed name

Housing prototype



Testbed category

Testbeds in real life (TR)


Buildings and infrastructure




Region Kronoberg

Visiting address P G Vejdes plats 3, 351 96 Växjö