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Testing and development of composite materials and manufacturing methods

RISE test bed for Composite technology offers three laboratories with expertise and equipment on an industrial scale, which makes the test bed unique both nationally and internationally.

The testbed for composite technology is within activities for research and development of new products and processes with polymeric fibre composite materials.

The facility consists of:

  • Three laboratories
  • Industrial-scale processing equipment for manufacturing involving, among other things, compression moulding, filament winding and injection
  • Equipment for mechanical testing of materials and components
  • Instruments for material analysis and characterisation
  • Robot cells for the development of automated composite manufacturing
  • Design, calculation and simulation capacity

Within the materials field, the testbed works a great deal with thermosetting plastic systems for high temperatures, carbon nanotubes and biomaterials. The facility hosts equipment for producing test materials, measuring the chemical and mechanical properties of materials, and for developing and testing industrial-scale manufacturing.

Several European customers use the test bed as a sizing expert, as RISE offer in-depth theoretical ability in combination with the experimental elements.


Testbed name

Composite technology



Testbed category

Laboratory testbeds (LT)




Production and manufacturing


Region Norrbotten


Fibervägen 2, Öjebyn

Lars Liljenfeldt

Lars Liljenfeldt


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