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Our facilities

SEEL has three test facilities in Gothenburg, Nykvarn and Borås.


At the three SEEL facilities, industry, institutes, and academia can test most of the types of technology and safety considerations required for electrified transport – including innovative new concepts at early stages of development. Possible test objects include several different kinds of components for electrical powertrains and energy storage, as well as charging functions and complete vehicles.



The largest of the SEEL facilities is situated at the Säve Airport in Gothenburg, involving a planned area of 14,000 square metres. The facility meets the needs of developers of electrified cars, trucks, buses, aircraft, and ships. SEEL Gothenburg offers a wide range of testing in the area of electromobility.


In Nykvarn the emphasis of work will be on research and testing in the field of battery technology, and dynamic testing of electric powertrains for heavy vehicles. SEEL Nykvarn has our most powerful equipment for testing of electric axles.


Safety tests will be the focus of the Borås facility, related to charging, short circuits, vibrations, mechanical shock, extreme temperatures, and fire risks. SEEL Borås offers an environmentally friendly procedure for abusive testing.