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About SEEL

SEEL Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory AB (SEEL) is a limited company owned by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE) together with the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation.


SEEL has the task of offering technical testing and analysis on electromobility and energy storage.

SEEL shall establish test infrastructure and conduct operations that enable technical research and concept development. SEEL shall initiate and carry out research and development as well as testing of technical components and systems. SEEL shall offer and carry out testing of electric motors, power electronics, electric powertrains and complete vehicle testing for passenger cars, trucks, buses and other vessels as well as engage in activities compatible therewith.

SEEL has received government support from the Swedish Energy Agency in accordance with previous government decisions and approval from the European Commission.

The SEEL management team consists of the managing director, CEO, and directors for driveline testing, energy storage testing, research, operations & maintenance, and finance. The board is appointed by the owners RISE and the Chalmers Foundation.


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