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RISE supports Swedish industry and society – how can we help you?

Early on during the corona pandemic, the Swedish society found itself in a serious situation. We needed and still need to act responsibly, both as citizens and employees, so as to not increase the rate of infection and, consequently, the burden on healthcare. We have seen the large effects of the pandemic in society, industry and on the global economy, and it’s likely that myriad of changes still await us in the time ahead.

Our business has carried on, we are adapting to the current situation, following the recommendations from authorities and continuously updating our internal guidelines accordingly – guidelines that we also employ when interacting with our customers and suppliers.

Listen to how our CEO, Pia Sandvik, commented on the situation early on during the pandemic.

RISE has been mandated by the Swedish government to be internationally competitive and facilitate sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening competitiveness and innovation in the business community. Society and the business community need us now more than ever. We take responsibility for society and for our customers by keeping our business going, responding to our customers’ needs, and identifying ways in which we can contribute during this time of crisis. That’s why we want to know how we can help you. A few examples of how we can lend support follow below:




When you buy a cycle helmet, you want to know that it will provide protection if you fall from your bicycle. You want to know that an independent party has tested and approved the product. Certification is a guarantee of quality t…


Whether you have imported toys from China, purchased fuel without knowing its tar amount or quality-assure a proprietary product, RISE is here to help. We avail ourselves of several thousand different testing methods to fulfil our…

Professional Education

In addition to the knowledge transfer that takes place in daily collaborations between us and our partners, RISE offers a competence development for a professional, sustainable, competitive and lifelong learning. Our educational a…


Calibration is a bit like going to the dentist. Hopefully you will be told that everything looks good and there is no cause for concern. However, if an anomaly is detected, you may need to start a time-consuming process. Detecting…

Computer simulation can increase understanding of coronavirus

Mapping a virus such as the coronavirus requires considerable computing power for simulations and calculations. This computing power can be achieved by interconnecting a vast array of computers to share the computational burden. R…
Press release

Ny webbplats stöttar kommuner i arbetet under Coronapandemin

Nu lanseras webbplatsen för samordning och inspiration kring digitala verktyg för kommunal vård, omsorg och socialtjänst i Coronapandemin. Webbplatsen erbjuder kunskap och verktyg för att frigöra tid och hi…

Validering av snabbtester för påvisning av anti­kroppar mot covid-19

RISE har på uppdrag av Folkhälsomyndigheten validerat prestandan hos utvalda snabbtester (patientnära tester, Point of care, POC) avsedda att påvisa antikroppar mot viruset SARS-CoV-2, som orsakar covid-19. RISE öppnar nu för fler…