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Processum – biorefinery development for a fossil free future

Our world is facing challenges that require new sustainable products and solutions. Part of the solution is to switch from what today is fossil-based to fossil-free products made from renewable resources. That is our goal at Processum; the transition to fossil-free alternatives. In our unique research environment, we can test new ideas and products all the way from laboratory to demo scale and through that Processum is a link between research and commercialisation.

Processum is also the hub of an innovation platform that spans both borders and industries, nationally and internationally. Through our large network of contacts, we can bring together entrepreneurs with established business, social actors and academia. As a subsidiary of RISE, Processum is part of a number of research areas, test beds and demonstration environments. This means that we, together with our 2,800 colleagues, can answer, highlight and solve problems with the help of expertise from several different areas, and thus accelerate the innovation process.

Expert in biorefinery

A biorefinery consists of a number of new processes and solutions that together form a complete solution for the conversion of biomass into green products, which have previously been fossil-based. It is an area that requires broad collaboration and access to many different specialist competencies. Processum's areas of expertise in biorefinery are Biotechnology, Organic Chemistry, Residual Materials, Energy, Patents and Systems Analysis. At Processum, our specialists have specific competence in their subject area, as well as long experience to project manage development projects and business development.

Interested to know more about our expertise and infrastructure? Here is an overview of Processum's test- and demo


Today's residual product – the new products of tomorrow

An important key to achieving the global climate goals is to find new values in what has previously been a residual product. At Processum, we aim to take advantage of the residual streams that are formed in the process industry. We are investigating how we can refine them to create new value chains around the raw materials that are already available. By finding use for residual material, what may previously have been a waste problem can now instead become a source of revenue, at the same time as it has a positive impact on our environment. With our expertise and our test and demo environment, we can carry out development projects in a neutral and independent manner or produce substances for further development.

Processum Interest Association

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB owns 60% of RISE Processum AB. The Processum Interest Association  currently has 20 member companies and owns 40% of RISE Processum AB. Processum's ownership structure thus connects Sweden's national research institute with a strong regional innovation platform. Processum Interest Association aims to safeguard and pursue the member companies' interests in Processum and its operations, which gives the needs of the industry great influence over the operations.



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