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Project results POPFREE stage one

The first part of POPFREE, or POPFAS as the project was called, was a feasibility study that built up the POPFREE consortium. In this project, the content of the follow-up projects was defined together with participating partners.

Five different product categories were originally represented within the project, grease-resistant paper, textile and leather treatment, cosmetics, film-forming products, and fire foam. Individual interviews were arranged with all partners to get an insight into their respective challenges, market, and interest in participating in a project. Following an initial discussion on the challenges within the various product categories, the consortium was expanded to include additional players along the value chains. Skidvalla was identified as another relevant product category due to the case's high visibility and challenges linked to the work environment.

A number of alternative technical solutions or strategies for finding and achieving alternatives to the use of PFAS were identified. Apart from the technical challenge of substitution, the challenges of LCA, toxicity aspects, legislation, and communication were also addressed as important parts of the project.

Duration: 2016-11-01 - 2017-07-31

Total budget: 675 000 SEK

Funded by: Vinnova 

Project team: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Swerea IVF, H&M, Paragon Nordic, Chemex, Nordic paper, Billerud Korsnäs, Organoclick.