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POPFREE aims to, with product development and communication, contribute to the transition into a world free from non-essential use of PFAS.

Stage one of POPFREE started in 2016 and we are now in stage three of the project. You can read more about previous stages and project results here. In POPFREE stage three, we will focus on developing new PFAS-free products, communicating about the risks with PFAS, and guiding companies that want to eliminate PFAS in their production.

New PFAS-free products

We will further develop, optimize, and scale up the production of PFAS-free formulations for textile impregnation and film-forming products. We will also evaluate PFAS-free formulations in both the lab and the real environment.

Communication activities

We will, together with our partners, implement targeted communication initiatives with the aim of spreading knowledge about and increasing awareness of the problems with PFAS, from production to use, as well as possible PFAS-free alternatives, developed both within and outside the project. We will also work on trying to enable and justify broader regulations of PFAS in non-essential uses.

Guides for the industry

We will improve the dialogue guide on PFAS substitution in the textile industry that was produced during step two of the project and produce a more general guide that can be applied in other industries and value chains. But we will also work with guiding companies on the implementation of the PFOA regulation, including PFAS substances that are currently on the candidate list.

Creating awareness to drive change

Creating awareness of PFAS and its risks is an important factor in achieving a system change and thus an important part of the POPFREE project. We want to reach out with information to the industry and provide positive incentives for those who has not yet started phasing out PFAS. Our recommendation is to start as soon as possible since the process of finding, testing and evaluating alternatives can take time.

Within POPFREE, we will try to make possible PFAS-free alternatives visible and make it easy to stay informed about PFAS and future legislation. We also want to distribute accurate information about health and environmental risks related to PFAS, based on nothing other than scientific facts. And to communicate an overall picture of the effects of PFAS, from production through the full life cycle of a product.


Duration: 2020-09-07–2022-09-09

Total budget: 13 380 140 SEK

Funded byVinnova

Project partners in POPFREE stage three: Bergans, Chemex, ChemSecHoudini IVLSwedish Chemicals AgencyOrganoClick, RISE, Substitution Centre, Swedish Society for Nature ConservationVolvo Cars