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POPFREE – Promotion of PFAS-free alternatives

POPFREE is an innovation project, financed by Vinnova, aiming to promote products free from PFAS. Within POPFREE we will develop PFAS-free alternatives and contribute to increased awareness about the risks with PFAS and demand for PFAS-free products, from production to consumers.

PFAS stands for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances and is a group of chemicals that have great water and dirt repellent properties. PFAS is therefore found in everything from water-repellent clothing, make-up, food contact paper, and furniture to ski wax and fire foam.

Unfortunately, PFAS also has many harmful properties. They decompose extremely slowly and poison our water, air, and food. Elevated levels of PFAS have been found in 144 municipal water sources in Sweden. PFAS can accumulate in the blood and in organs such as the liver and kidneys. Some of the substances are carcinogenic and studies on animals have shown that they can affect both reproduction and our immune system.

POPFREE aims to, with product development and communication, contribute to the transition into a world free from non-essential use of PFAS.

Lisa Skedung


Lisa Skedung

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