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POPFREE Ski Goes Global

POPFREE Ski Goes Global will pave the way for a reduced use of PFAS-based ski waxes in competitive cross-country skiing, at an international level.

POPFREE Ski Goes Global will:

  • Assess awareness of health and environmental impact and the will to promote PFAS-free alternatives among elite skiers and professional waxers.
  • Identify screening methods for PFAS-content on skis.
  • Initiate an international dialogue to define a common road map and action plan for the phasing-out of PFAS-based ski waxes in competitions. 


Co-Creation workshop - Competitive skiing without fluorinated ski waxes?

 As an activity in the project, key stakeholders from ski sports in Europe gathered recently to initiate an international dialog and stimulate the phase-out of highly fluorinated substances with high environmental and health risks in competitive skiing. The results of the workshop conducted will form the basis for development projects and continued phase-out activities at ski competitions during the winter of 2020 and onwards.

Read pressrelease about the workshop here.

Roadmap towards PFAS-free competitive skiing. Priority actions until 2015

Roadmap towards PFAS-free competitive skiing 

During the workshop, representatives from the ski sport in Europe together drafted a common roadmap towards PFAS-free competitive skiing at an international level. Activities and actions until 2025 have been identified, and different players in the ski value chain see a restriction of fluorinated ski waxes possible by 2025, with a fluorine-free Olympic Games in 2026. A distribution of the roadmap will engage more organization to work towards a PFAS-free ski sport. The work cannot be done by one partner but an international collaboration at different levels are needed. 

Download the roadmap here.

Ban on fluorine waxes in ski sports from season 2020/2021

Last Saturday (23/11 2019) the International Ski Federation, FIS, decided on a total ban on fluorinated waxes in all ski disciplines, starting the winter season 2020/2021. This means that the roadmap towards a PFAS-free competitive skiing, developed by 30 stakeholders from international skiing together with RISE and Peak Innovation, now can be enforced faster. Now it is important to develop an effective test method for detecting fluorine on the skis that can be used in major international competitions.

- By bringing all players together, coordinating the process and ensuring a fact-based background, the project has been a very important driver of the decision made by the FIS, says Vegard Ulvang, chair of the FIS cross-country committee and Olympic champion.

FIS decide on fluorine ban from season 2020/2021


Link to RISE pressrelease regarding roadmap and FIS decision 

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