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POPFREE focus area: Film forming products


Film-forming products can be e g paints or protective coatings (e g anti-graffiti coatings or car care) and in these products fluorinated compounds can be present for two reasons. Either as so-called leveling agents, where their role is to assure that an absolutely flat surface is formed when the applied formulation dries on its substrate, or as an additive to make the film water-, oil- and dirt-repellent. Fluorinated surfactants and polymers (PFBS derivatives or fluortelomer derivatives) are currently used in these applications due to the low Surface energy and oleophobicity of the fluorinated Groups.


  • Find alternatives providing low surface energy and oleophobicity.

Suggested scope

Replacing fluorinated compounds in these types of products is a great challenge in itself, due to the very special chemistry of fluorine. In the project we will apply the different strategies aimed for in the project, based on both screening and evaluation of commercial PFAS-free chemical solutions, but also evaluate a new natural surfactant systems, as well as structure/chemistry combinations for e.g. oil- and dirt-repellence. Specific challenges will be to adapt the different strategies to the different products, e g incorporating a new (partly protein based) surfactant system or particles into a coating formulation (storage stability, denaturation of the protein, sedimentation or agglomeration of particles etc. may be complications), which will require a large amount formulation work as each solution/Product will need a specific, tailor-made, formulation effort.


Manufacturers of potential alternatives to PFAS and producers of film forming Products.