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About the POPFREE project

29 projektpartner ska tillsammans hitta och utveckla PFAS-fria alternativ inom sex olika områden. Att skapa medvetenhet om riskerna med PFAS och kännedom om alternativen och främja dessa ingår också i projektets tvååriga uppdrag.

POPFREE is a two-year innovation project financed by Vinnova with the goal to promote feasible non-fluorinated alternatives. The project joins 29 partners from industry, academy, NGOs and institutes who contribute with knowledge and development PFAS-free chemicals and products and to spread awareness through the whole value chain.

POPFREE works with:

  • Development of PFAS-free alternatives and technical performance testing.
  • Environmental and health assessment.
  • Legal aspects.
  • Communication and awareness in the whole value chain.

POPFREE focus on six areas: Food contact paper, Textile and leather, Cosmetics, Ski vax, Fire-fightng foams and Film-forming products.

Creating awareness throughout the value chain about the risks associated with PFAS and spreading knowledge about PFAS-free alternatives and their use is also within the scope of POPFREE.


Duration: 2017-11-14 – 2020-01-30

Total budget: 22 774 687 SEK

Founder: Vinnova