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Digitalisation operations is often a major challenge – especially for SMEs with limited resources. RISE’s Time to Digitalise knowledge platform can be of immense help to those seeking to begin their transition or broaden their knowledge. “We want to raise awareness and make people realise that this is a major paradigm shift,” says Katarina Pietrzak, Project Manager and Content Manager at RISE. 

Digitalisation is the greatest revolution of our time. Although many companies have come a long way in their digitalisation, there are others whose industries are still relatively unaffected.

“It's more difficult for small, relatively analogue companies that are nevertheless endeavouring to adopt digitalisation and recognise the relevance. But even if things are going well right now, you have to look ahead at what’s around the corner,” says Pietrzak. 

In other words, even if your own company is doing well at the moment, digitalisation means that those around you, i.e. customers, suppliers and partners, will start to set requirements that you as company must live up to in order to continue to be successful. A good starting point to understanding what digitalisation means and how it is changing society and the markets we operate in is to utilise the Time to Digitalise knowledge platform.

Starting point in educational research

The platform was created by RISE on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The development was based on educational research in order to make the platform as engaging as possible and to ensure that it would be received in the best possible way.

The user can access text and video materials in 12 different areas, ranging from the effects of digitalisation on industry to digital security and how best to increase awareness of your company and engage in e-commerce. Each sub-area is then divided into different sections which include basic information as well as in-depth information and tips on interesting links for those who want to learn even more.

“You should be able to access the information in the format that suits you best, such as videos or text. In total, there are 227 unique episodes. It’s a huge project,” says Pietrzak.

The videos feature researchers, experts and companies that have successfully undertaken digitalisation.

“It has a lot to do with providing inspiration,” says Pietrzak.

Free use of the material

The material on the platform is also open for download as it is licensed under Creative Commons. This means that anyone can use the material in their own training courses or modify it to suit a specific purpose. 

“As long as you specify the source, you can download it and change it and use it however suits you best,” explains Pietrzak.

The platform was launched in June 2019 and RISE is now advancing the platform.

“Since RISE took over the administration, we keep it up to date and make sure it’s relevant.

Used by diverse businesses

Many have discovered the platform and have used it for in-house training courses, not only companies but also other somewhat unexpected organisations.

“We get requests all the time from people who have discovered it and want to make their own variant and maybe add a subject area. It is also being used by many other areas than what we had intended, such as municipal administrations.”

And during the most intense period of the coronavirus pandemic this past spring, it was apparent that even more people searched for the material. “The various furlough agreements that existed at that point were often linked to education, while there was a general awareness that one should use one’s time to improve. We had to field a great deal of questions then and we had a lot to do.”

Work is now also underway to create targeted training for specific companies based on the content of the platform.

“We are engaging in dialogue with external RISE customers about how to build special variants with the addition of slightly more content,” concludes Katarina Pietrzak.

Katarina Pietrzak

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Katarina Pietrzak

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