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An intelligent building for offices and innovation

Growing numbers of people are moving into cities at the same time that climate change needs to be tackled. Consequently, the city of the future needs to be equipped with smart integrated systems for mobility, energy and resources. In Sweden and other parts of the world, many different initiatives are under way with the aim of developing sustainable cities and communities.

As a step on the way towards the future sustainable city, the property company Akademiska Hus has taken a comprehensive grasp in the construction of A Working Lab in Gothenburg, where RISE is the largest collaborative partner in the innovation projects being carried out in the building. It will be an innovation arena full of digital infrastructure where lab work can be done with both technology and working methods in focus. Most of the RISE Gothenburg office and Akademiska Hus’ head office is moving there in summer 2019, when it is scheduled for completion.

With A Working Lab, Akademiska Hus wants to pave the way to make it more fun, more efficient and more attractive to be in their premises. It will house a Learning Lab, an arena for research on learning, in direct connection to spaces for collaboration, a café and restaurant. Environments for both spontaneous and planned creative meetings that, together with the outdoor environment, create conditions to enrich one another.

– We need to learn more about how we develop buildings and campuses for the future based on the possibilities of digitalisation and new kinds of education. In A Working Lab, we will test this in practice in order to use it at a national level, says Birgitta van Dalen, Market Area Director at Akademiska Hus.

As sustainability constitutes a vital part of the building’s DNA, high environmental standards are also set. The building is being built of wood and with energy efficiency in mind. The electricity is largely generated by its own solar cells, where it is stored in a unique battery that makes it possible to get electricity even when the sun is not shining. The plan is for the building to be certified under the Swedish Environmental Building system at the Gold level.

The actual building – a testbed in itself

A Working Lab in Gothenburg is Akademiska Hus’ most intelligent building ever, with its own innovation programme for both the building process and the finished arena. With the building as a lab bench, new sustainable products, services and business models are tested and developed in everything from energy efficient construction to the learning environments and digital infrastructure of the future.

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