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Corrugated cardboard for perfume

Corrugated cardboard perfume packaging is intended to demonstrate entirely new areas of use for the product, for example in the cosmetics industry. This is the concept behind Scent by RISE. We have worked successfully with demonstrators in order to visualise the results.

These collaborations make it easier to grasp the technical feasibility of a product, while simultaneously generating ideas for different areas of use for a new material.

Corrugated cardboard is a easily recognisable and widely used packaging material, not least in the flourishing sector of eCommerce. It does however still have major development potential in areas such as the manufacture of small packaging. New and improved material characteristics open the way for entirely new areas of use.

Perfume packaging with a scent

In order to demonstrate the potential growth of corrugated cardboard in the cosmetics sector, two interns from Nackademin in Stockholm worked for RISE under the leadership of Karin Edström from our Papermaking & Packaging Unit. This was the thinking of both Elin Strid and Malin Landerstedt regarding the choice of perfume packaging for demonstrations:

“Thinner qualities of corrugated cardboard lend themselves to smaller, more elegant packaging in comparison to cardboard, have more protective attributes and greater durability, as well as offering the customer added value through secondary use.

Produced in FEX pilot-production environment

Scent by RISE is a series of three packaging solutions with both scent and packaging decided by the raw material. All packaging uses paper manufactured by RISE in our FEX pilot-production environment. According to Karin, an important component of the work has been ongoing testing and learning all the way from fibre to corrugated cardboard, with repeatability at every stage making it possible to characterise the ‘entire route’.

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