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Normpack Legislation

All materials that come into contact with food must be risk assessed for the intended use and must meet the requirements set out in the legislation

What are the requirements and the scope

European legislation for materials and products intended for food contact (Food Contact Materials, FCM) is based on:

  • a Framework regulation that applies to all materials
  • a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulation that applies to all materials
  • material specific rules

The legislation covers all materials that are expected to come into contact with food. This includes, for example, packaging, process equipment such as hoses, conveyor belts and disposable gloves in the food industry, and household utensils.

All harmonized rules can be found on the Commission's pages on food contact materials.

FCM legislation in EU
FCM legislation in EU

The framework regulation


GMP Regulation


Material specific rules


Requirements differ for different areas of use