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Normpack           Education

One of the benefits with a Normpack membership are the educations we offer

We regularly offer trainings at different levels to our members.

  • An introductory meeting is held with new members, to give an overview of the area. We also discuss your specific questions and how Normpack can assist your company. 
  • A basic training, is held at least twice a year in Swedish, it can also be given in English upon request. The training gives an overview of the legislations regarding food contact materials.
  • More advanced trainings on specific topics can also be provided in English on request.
  • Online courses offered on a digital platform - with a two month availability for your convinience. Normpack offers an online course covering the topic of Declaration of Compliance, DoC,  for Food Contact Materials. Currently only available in Swedish.

We also perform company specific trainings where we can tailor the content to your needs.

Interested in a training?

Contact us for more information

Invitations to our courses are available at Normpack's member web (login required)

Coming courses (only for members)

See course schedule on the Swedish page. If you are interested in a course in English, contact the secretariat.