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Normpack           Education

One of the benefits with a Normpack membership are the educations we offer

We regularly offer trainings at different levels to our members.

  • An introductory meeting is held with new members, to give an overview of the area
  • An one day Basic training, is held at least twice a year. The training gives an overview of the legislations regarding food contact materials
  • More advanced trainings on specific topics 

We also perform company specific trainings where we can tailor the content to your needs.

Interested in a training?

Contact us for more information

Invitations to our courses are available at Normpack's member web (login required)

Coming courses (only for members)

May 10-11 Basic course (online, in english)
May 12 Advanced course (online, in english)
September 14 Basic course (in Stockholm, in Swedish)
September 15 Advanced course (In Stockholm, in Swedish)
November 8-9 Basic course (online, in Swedish)
November 15 Advanced course (online, in Swedish)