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What is a Normpack certificate?

Normpack issues certificates for materials in contact with food

A Normpack certificate ensures that a product or material fulfills the requirements set out in the Normpack Norm, and that Normpack has reviewed the assessment of the product or material.

The certificate specifies the intended use of the material or product such as food type, storage time and temperature.

A certificate is valid for two years provided that the composition of the product or material has not changed.

An application for a Normpack certificate costs SEK 8 900. In cases where the application is complete, a discount of SEK 3 300 is given. For more extensive applications an hourly rate will be added (for example when a NDA is needed). Membership in Normpack is a prerequisite for applying for a certificate.

Since the Normpack system is based on self-monitoring, the company holding the certificate is responsible for:

  • that the supporting documentation for the certificate is valid and correct
  • that the tests are done on representative samples
  • that no changes are made to the composition of the material/product that can affect the declaration (example of changes are a change of material or material component, change of supplier, change of color or addition of a new chemical)
  • applying the Normpack norm's requirements for consultation in business contacts (Normpack Norm §3)
  • maintaining a system (eg documents) that clearly and uniformly describes which articles the certificate covers

Normpack ensures that the product or material meets the legal requirements specified in the Normpack Norm, based on the documentation presented by the owner of the certificate.

To be able to hold a certificate you need to be a member of Normpack. Read more about the membership and to become a member by clicking Membership in the menu.

If you are already a member and want to apply for a certificate go to the member web.

Is the Normpack certificate a DoC?

A Normpack Certificate is not a DoC (Declaration of Compliance), as this document must be issued and signed by the responsible company. Normpack has prepared a DoC-template that helps companies issue their own DoC with the Normpack certificate as a basis.

What does a Normpack Certificate include?

The certificate is issued for the product described in the introductory box Trade Name
The certificate indicates the limitations on the use of the material with regard to food categories, times and temperatures.

Does the Normpack certificate mean that Normpack is responsible for the product is suitable for contact with food?

The certificate states that the Normpack Secretariat has verified that the evaluation, and the data on which the evaluation is based, are in accordance with the applicable requirements. 
The Normpack system is a self-inspection system, so the certificate holder is responsible for ensuring that the product corresponds to the basis on which the evaluation is based.

How do I check that a Normpack certificate is still valid?

Valid to is listed at the top right of the certificate.
In the Normpack Certificate catalog you will find all valid certificates. There you can verify that the certificate has not been revoked.