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Niklas Strömberg


Tel +46 10 516 51 68


Location Göteborg

Unit Kemisk problemlösning (103204)

I am an analytical chemist with a focus on developing new chemical sensors for environmental monitoring and process control as well as diagnostics and health. My research has so far resulted in:

Sensors and Techniques

- Ammonium one point sensor
- Ammonium image sensor
- pH image sensor for cell studies
- Oxygen gas single point (extreme environments)
- Lead quick detection
- Creosote (penetration into wood)
- Organic acids in fuels (ion chromatography)

Machines *

- Camera for chemical imaging
- HTS system for chemical image sensors
- Optical system for root studies
- Optical nose for diagnosis of diseases
- Systems for studying oxygen supply in wounds


- RISE algae research facility
- Bäckhammar's Algbruk
- Algae cultivation site Boliden


- Algae
- Diagnostics in healthcare
- Wound healing
- Fuel quality monitoring
- Environmental monitoring
- Carbon dioxide capture
- Water purification
- Flue gas treatment
- Eutrophication


* Since 2017-08-21 no machines / electronics are designed or constructed by me at RISE