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PFAS substitution in textile supply chains

POPFREE invites to a digital seminar to launch the tool "PFAS Substitution Guide for Textile Supply Chains". The project's textile partners will share their lessons from practical PFAS phase-out work including development and testing of PFAS-free DWR.

About the seminar

The seminar introduces a substitution guide with a focus on textile value chains, which has been produced as part of the project and will be publicly available at the POPFREE website. The guide is intended as a support for textile industry players to improve communication about chemicals and increase the opportunity for well-informed substitution work with a focus on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Textile brands from the project will share their challenges and experiences regarding practical phase-out of PFAS and the chemical supplier OrganoClick will present how sustainability criteria can guide integrated development of tomorrow’s DWRs.

Our ambition is to spread lessons about PFAS and practical substitution from both a development and brand perspective. To take part in the seminar and the material, register via the link to the right!

Target group for the event

Business leaders, buyers, developers, designers and sustainability enthusiasts in textile brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

The event will be in English. 


POPFREE is an innovation project, funded by Vinnova - the Swedish Innovations Agency, with the aim to promote the use of products without PFAS by developing and testing PFAS-free alternatives and assisting with knowledge dissemination and communication and thereby creating increased demand from both producers and consumers.

The vision for the project is to contribute to a system change where PFAS-free products are the natural choice. Within the project, we have worked with several different product categories, but the focus for this seminar is linked to textiles and DWR. The project has been ongoing in three different stages since 2016, with the last stage now ending in September 2022.

PFAS seminar September 2
02 Sep 2022
Digitally through Zoom
2 September 2022

Free of charge


Preliminary programme

About POPFREE, PFAS and why to bother (RISE)

PFAS-uses in textile supply chains (RISE/Peak 63)

Introduction to practical use of the "PFAS Substitution Guide for Textile Supply Chains" (Peak 63)

Motivation and practical experiences about PFAS phase-out from a brand perspective (Houdini)  

Motivation and practical experiences about PFAS phase-out from a brand perspective (Bergans)  

Development of DWR guided by sustainability criteria (OrganoClick)

Final remarks and new possibilities for collaboration (RISE)





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