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Innovation conference Oct 12

Innovation management for green and digital transition

Welcome to this year's edition of the conference Innovation management for sustainable transition, which is organized by RISE and Vinnova. This time with a focus on green and digital transition.

Innovation management for green and digital transition - how we make it happen

The need for smart and sustainable solutions for today's complex challenges is great. The ability to innovate is singled out as crucial for the green and digital transition to gain momentum.

A key to successful transformation for today's social as well as environmental and technical challenges lies in systematic innovation management work, where strategy, insights, processes, collaboration and organizational culture are integrated. Another key lies in cooperation, as the transition covers all parts of society and affects all parts of the country.

During this conference, you will share knowledge about and inspiration for renewal work under uncertainty. You also get to meet others with an interest in innovation management. We will highlight organizations and people who work with innovation management in practice, take part in what is happening in research in the field and work in mission-driven workshops. During the latter part of the afternoon, we will also hear Lisa Olsson, Helsingborg City, also Innovation Leader of the Year 2021, share her experiences and appoint Innovation Leader of the Year 2022.

A day to be inspired, share experiences and network.

The conference is free of charge and is aimed at those who are active in the public sector, business and civil society who drive innovation work or are curious about how innovation management can contribute to a green and digital transition.

You can best find ongoing information, programs etc. on the event website. (only in swedish)

The event will be held in swedish.

Event information
16 Nov 2022
Life City, Solnavägen 3h, Stockholm and digital, Stockholm
10 November 2022

Free of charge

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Natalie Gustafsson

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